What you should know about us?

Attention “C Level” Executives if you think
that retirement is only about the money you better think again.

For me, Retirement Lifestyle Coaching is not a job, a hobby or a project. It is the final culmination of a five year quest to replace my work identity with my next life, the one I wanted not needed. I was very purposeful and committed to transition myself from my last corporate assignment successfully. What I did not anticipate was how ill equipped I would be for my Retirement Life even though I accumulated a fair amount of wealth and raised a family successfully.

I started my retirement life as a sabbatical. I traveled extensively. Had a good time. Spent money. Visited friends. Sold off real estate. Got a new car. It was a whirlwind and later I found that those first two years were mainly a distraction.

Distraction? From what? I wasn't ready to "not" be a corporate guy. I kept trying new career forays to find purpose that I had in corporate life but they turned out to be not for me. On top of that I was not ready for the loss of my spouse, the effect that had on me and the rest of my family. I was not ready for life in an empty house alone. I needed to be connected to a purpose that had meaning, substance and most importantly Legacy!

Luckily for me I found that purpose. I am now a Certified Professional Retirement Coach. I have a wealth of wisdom to share with my peers about how to transition from corporate life and where to head. Through my professional certification training, my “C Level” experience and my own retirement journey I now help my peers in setting up their retirement lifestyle program.

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We offer:

Retirement Lifestyle Coaching targeted specifically at the “C Suite” Executive
An individualized program constructed for each executive.
Insights into the way life change all throughout their Retirement years.

I am:

A Certified Professional Retirement Coach
A member of the Retirement Coaches Association
A Retired Corporate Executive with “C Level” experience as both a CHRO and a CEO.
A trusted and sought after Coach who has interacted with numerous Executives about their Retirement.



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