10. Your True Purpose

When you think about retiring, you have to start with a vision – you have to consider what you want your legacy to be and how you’re going to achieve that.

In other words, you need to identify your true purpose.



In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to plan for an extraordinary second act
  • What it means to get comfortable with the new you
  • How to articulate your new role with clarity, authenticity, and with peace in your heart. When your vision does not work – Try, Try again!!
  • How to take control of your future, trust in your decision, and standing up for it.
  • The importance of engagement and how it changes in retirement
  • Why you should considering transitioning into leadership and mentor roles
  • Retirement is a lifestyle transformation
  • How to leverage teamwork to secure your new lifestyle
  • Overcoming your blocks to success and celebrating your successes. 
  • The power of persuasion
  • Shifting from wealth to health
  • Understanding alienation, as well as the danger of depression and withdrawing
  • How to resolve conflict from within your family and your circle of influence
  • Why you should seek out diverse ideas for your future
  • What you spend your Time on will determine the rest of your Life – so you need to learn how to best leverage your time
  • Considerations for end of life