11. Favorite Retirement Quotes: What People Say When They Don’t Think Retirement is for Them

Today, I’m going to focus on my favorite retirement quotes – the things that people say when they want to get rid of me or think that retirement is not for them!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Is your Retirement Plan to die at your desk?
  • Non-Financial Retirement Lifestyle Coaching. What’s that?
  • Is your self-esteem and work persona holding you back from retiring?
  • Making the switch from having to do to wanting to do
  • Retirement is much more than sandy beaches, umbrella drinks, and golfing!! 
  • What happens when you expect your spouse to lunch with you often and they just say “No”
  • I just retired, lost my life partner, and my kids and friends seem suddenly distant. What happened?
  • “I retired two years ago. I feel lost, forgotten, and alone.”
  • I’m too young for the Senior Center. Too old for the gym. I hate bus tours! Where do I fit in?
  • I thought Retirement was all about the money. Isn’t it?
  • “My wife dragged me to this stupid retirement investment dinner. I just don’t trust these guys!”
  • “My greatest retirement FEAR is that I will run out of money! Then what?”
  • “I’ll quit smoking in a few years. If it hasn’t killed me by now, it never will!”
  • “Legacy? I never really thought about it. Can you give me a few examples?”
  • “How can I plan for my future when I have no idea when I will die?”
  • What if I don’t want to stop working? Is that OK?