12. Favorite Retirement Quotes: What People Say When They Don’t Think Retirement is for Them Pt. 2

In the last episode, I shared some of my favorite things that people say when they want to get rid of me or think that retirement is not for them – today, I’m going to expand on that list to help you see that a lot of people share similar concerns and fears about retirement, but many of them are actually misconceptions or easily overcome with a little planning.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • “Seniors don’t date. We just get together and see if we can stand each other!”
  • “My spouse died. They told me to get back out there. Can someone tell me where the sexy seniors bar is?”
  • Tell your Pop to wrap that rascal – Baby Boomers have the fastest growing incidents of STDs!
  • “After 40 years at work, they told me it was time for my Silver Sabbatical… and then I was all alone!”
  • Just because you’re not working doesn’t mean you have to stay home
  • “I’ve lived here all my life. All my friends are here. My Doctors are here. Why should I leave?”
  • 55+ housing, Florida/Arizona planned communities, two domiciles or not: How do you decide?
  • “It’s time to downsize! So what do I do with all this stuff I’ve accumulated over the years?”
  • “I’ve got two choices: become a recluse and shut in or get out there and make new friends!”
  • Lifelong learning can lead to making lifelong friends. Visit your local community college.
  • Be daring! Attend that seminar. Be Bold! Join that theater group. Be happy! Try a cooking class.
  • “I just had my fourth fender bender! Don’t tell my kids. They will put me in a home!”
  • “I need to have the end of life talk with my spouse and kids. How do I start?”
  • Retirement is not a destination but rather an opportunity to transform your life!