15 Things You Can Do After Retirement

Imagine this. After decades of hard work, you are happily retired. Think of where you are, who you are surrounded by, and your activities. Now notice your reactions to this mental image. Are you happy? Are you bored? Are you struggling to fill your day with meaningful activities?

You may imagine yourself to be on a permanent vacation, where you are free to pursue your deep interests and passions. Contrariwise, you may consider retirement as a slow walk to death!

While both these views are extreme in nature, but a reality check would show that these two are the most common conceptualizations of retirement. But, let’s say we focus on the positive and productive side of retirement. After all, let’s face it, you’ve earned your retirement after decades of hard work and now you have time on your hands to fill up your routine with fun and fruitful things to do. So, here we are defining a list of 15 things that you can do after retirement and fill up your day with positivity and cheer!

#1 Writing

With plenty of time on your hands, you can start your blog or write that book you’ve been wanting to! With good writing skills and a great imagination, you can weave countless interesting pieces on a variety of subjects like cooking, travel or even your memoirs.

#2 Travel

Retirement is a time when you can take the road and travel the world. Now that you can make time for it, go on sightseeing, soak in some cultures and explore the world as it was meant to be.

#3 New Hobby

Don’t let your retirement, bore you! You can try your hand at a lot of new things which you couldn’t explore when you were in service. If you can’t think of anything, discuss with family, friends for advice.

#4 Take up a Course

There is no age limit to learning something new. Get back to the university or take an online course that will enhance your skillset and help you chart a new career maybe. Worth finding out more.

#5 Volunteering

Giving back to the society gives you huge rewards as you spend your time improving lives of others. There are always opportunities to volunteer with charities or even church groups in your area. Research and you’ll find out.

#6 Teach

It’s likely that you’ve spent more than half of your life learning, and now you can get an opportunity to pass on that knowledge to others! There are community centres and libraries which can allow you to start a free course. If you have a specialized skill/knowledge, local university/college may have a spot for you.

#7 Move to the Countryside

This could be good for you if you have spent all your working life getting stuck in traffic or hectic city commutes. Countryside has huge open spaces which can help you unwind and do something out of the ordinary!

#8 Consider Public Service

Many retirees choose to get involved and make a difference to their local communities. Look for openings in local schools or consider becoming a representative in your local community where you can help shape policy, and influence community people positively.

#9 Learn New Language

Many of us hadn’t taken our French, Spanish or German classes seriously in school or college! But now, learning a new language can be an exciting proposition. It keeps your mind active and makes it easier for you to visit new places.

#10 Concentrate on Fitness

It’s important that you stay fit and healthy while you enjoy retirement. Consider joining a group of people who are into fitness and activities like cycling, golf or tennis. There are many groups like these and you can be a part of them which will keep you fit and positively engaged.

#11 Start a Business

Many retirees wish to remain active and may think about doing their own thing. You can do it too! With years of experience and knowledge coming in handy, you can connect with new people and start an exciting new project.

#12 Re-engage with Spiritual activities

Now is the time when you can re-engage your mind in meditation, yoga and even get involved in your church activities.

#13 Learn to Play Music

Many of us may have drudged through learning an instrument in high school but can find a new love for playing music now that we have the time and the inclination. Whether you’ve loved the sound of drums, flute, guitar or the piano, you can take lessons and delve into the world of music.

#14 Read

Being retired gives you a lot of free time. Spend your days reading all of the books you never had time for. You can even join a book club to make new connections.

#15 Enjoy your Freedom

You’ve lived by the alarm clock for so many years. Enjoy your freedom now and do as much or as little as you want. You’ve worked hard, enjoy the fruits of your labor now.

Bottom line

If you are retired or nearing retirement, the above list can help you make the most of it. After all, a happy retirement is about more than having enough money to pay bills. It is important to take care of the non-financial aspects of a successful retirement to have a direction and to lead a purposeful life.