Ep. 6 – Your Legacy Transition Blueprint

Today, we’re going to go over what Your Legacy Transition Blueprint is and why you should have one.

So, why do you need a blueprint for retirement? Well, through most of your adult life, you’ve had a structured set of goals and responsibilities. You’ve had your job, your family, and any obligations in your community.

This isn’t to say all of those things are going to go away when you retire (well, the job probably will) – but you’re going to have a whole lot more time and you’re going to have a new role in many of these areas. And because you have more time, you’ll be able to fill your life with more of the things you want to do, not just the things you have to do.

But unless you have a blueprint and a plan to make yourself relevant to society, to your community, to your family, you’re going to find that you have a very hard time dealing with this whole new world. Because retirement is like starting life all over again.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What Your Legacy Transition Blueprint should look like
  • The average age that people retire and the average life expectancy
  • How to overcome the obstacles to thriving in retirement
  • Retirement doesn’t have to be a negative experience – this is YOUR time!
  • Working for you, not because you have to
  • Forgetting your fears
  • Enhancing your relevance by bringing goodness to the world