How to Overcome Fear of Retirement

Modern-day retirement can be a scary prospect. But wouldn’t it be nicer if you could retire without any fears? The notion of traditional retirement surrounds the ideas of spending all day watching TV, struggling to keep up with busy children and eventually face loneliness!

After all, retirement is not just about taking the weekends off! After retirement, people have all the time in the world to themselves which they need to add meaning to and stay active in the process. Apart from addressing issues like health and vitality, there are issues like income, health insurance as well as being gainfully active and engaged.

While you are attaining the retirement age we explain to you how you can overcome the fears that are associated with it.

Life as we know it

We as humans fear the unknown since time immemorial. Fear of change grips us at many stages in our lifetime.

The overwhelming pressures of high school, the fear of scoring high ranks and getting through the best college, the transition of making it big on your own in a high profile job?

Are we sufficient and provide enough to our partners and children?

These daunting thoughts weigh us down in every aspect of our lives. Getting older and retirement is no different. Retirement fear is almost like a fear of the unknown. We do not know what lies further and how do we move on from a set routine to a new plan.

Embrace Change

Retirement is undoubtedly a big change! It’s an entirely different ball game that has no cheats available. It works differently for different individuals who are entering retirement and are yet to realize the change that’s about to enter their lives.

It’s time we evolve just as we have been doing and let the changes take place positively.

Let’s believe in ourselves and give ourselves leverage and the opportunity to feel alienated with the routine we are used to following and a little discomfort that comes with it.

But do not be unhappy because you are uncertain.


Penning down your uncertainties and your potential fears can help us move away from abstract, unknown fears to help and focus on actionable details, to realize that changes are not always challenging.

Journalling can become an interesting hobby as well as a defining second career option that you can pursue irrespective of your past experience. Who knows, you may even get the opportunity to convert your writings into a book that has the potential to become a bestseller or even a go-to retirement bible for every new retiree!

Effective Planning

Outliving your finances is a very common and rational fear that everyone has. It is imperative to have a systematic plan for a long haul beforehand and keep savings for later.

It’s also important to plan your expenditures and save accordingly. Additionally, unexpected & diminishing health scare is another factor that can scare you to the core! Effective planning and preparing beforehand can help you safeguard yourselves against any unforeseen circumstances. Retirement worries are not simply about money, they also include fears of being lonely, without purpose and disengaged. With a planned retirement, your years can be as productive as you want them to be.

Repurpose Consciously

Change can be unsettling. We are afraid because we can’t forecast the future and because we fear that we no longer will have a purpose. The purpose is to finally find yourself .

Retirement is about simplifying your life and living with fewer obligations. It is time to unbox your self materially and physically.

A time for new beginnings where do not not have to meet those deadlines and obligations where you are the master of your own timeline.

Now is the time to travel and pursue your hobbies, the dreams that you kept on hold for all the years because of your work commitments.

Progress not Regress

It’s important to be emotionally engaged and move forward purposefully.

Keeping in mind the core of us is what won’t change, with the pending change. Change makes us feel untethered and like we’re flailing in the wind. Find your anchor and recall what the pending change won’t change about your world that’s important to you, like your connection with your family, your core values, or your commitment to serve others and your own self.

We understand how and why retirement can be a daunting phase! But careful considerations and planning can help you sail smoothly over this phase. Connect with Legacy Transitions to get more information on planning your transition.