I’m feeling tired and sluggish what is wrong with me?

You are merely suffering from post-partum work identity depression. As Mike Myers and Dana Carvey used to say on Saturday Night live in unison, “I’m not worthy”!! You left your old workplace possibly in a hurry and without the benefit of putting an exit and after plan together. You went home with a bit of cash and decide to emulate those retirement ads. You went traveling, bought a new car, met up with your old work friends picking up the check to show them how great retirement is and finally you bought your spouse that piece of expensive jewelry she’s always wanted.
Everybody’s happy right? Yes everybody but you. Six months after leaving your job and retiring you sit every day, at home, on the couch, watching TV asking yourself the same question every day, “What do I do now”?  You pick yourself up off the couch, shower most days and head at lunch time for the local pub for a spot of lunch and several beers while the bartender becomes your therapist. Back home at 4PM to catch Judge Judy that becomes an extended nap only to be awoken by an irate spouse who asks, “What did you do of consequence today”? Your typical response is, “the usual now what’s for dinner”?
No wonder you feel the way you do. So how do I change things? First off rise early and engage in exercise either in an organized fashion at the gym or just simply go out for a brisk walk that enlivens your body and gets the blood pumping. Come back from that shower, eat a healthy breakfast while checking in on the happenings of the day before you’re out the door to go to work, volunteering, taking a course, leading an AA meeting or simply hanging out with your grandchild while your child goes to work.

Activity is the key both physical and mental. It is extremely important to keep the weight off, to stay engaged and finally to do something on a regular basis that gives you both a replacement identity and a feeling of relevance. It is those two things identity and relevance that will keep any retiree happy but without it a downward, depressive spiral has an ample field to grow in. So stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop the comfort food binging. And get yourself organized an engaged in what will be the best time of your life. Steve Harvey won’t miss you.