It’s all about Intake – A guide for retirees

I am right in the middle of my life sabbatical. You know when you leave corporate life after 40 years because that life allowed you to marry, raise a family and provide you with many wonderful memories. Now at 65 that is done with.

My life partner has departed this earth due to cancer, my son has married (a wonderful woman), awaits his first child (my first grandchild) and he is headed to all the right places career-wise. I was able to pay for his college 100% and we also helped him financially with his first domicile. Duty, honor, love, and family!!! Check!!

I have downsized my life, smaller living space, changed my eating habits to keep my weight under control (which I have), stay home a great deal more (me and the adorable dog my wife left in my care), see friends on a regular basis and borrowed some skills from my career to put together a Consulting practice where I Find them , Train them so you can Retain them. Them = Millennials that is!!
With all these positive things going on here in the midst of beginning my second act why do I feel so unfulfilled?

Because I feel it lacks purpose! It lacks that jump out of bed in the morning and drives fast to the office to continue to live the dream. I can’t get excited and passionate about it the way I did when I helped to start, build and assure success and some failures in certain businesses along the way. I ask myself why? What I do is needed, noble and necessary to arm the next generation with the knowledge they need to succeed. OK, that should be enough right?

It should be but it’s not. It doesn’t lack purpose for my clients or their charges. I put everything I have into it and get great reviews in what I am doing. So why do I get this nagging feeling it’s not enough! It fulfills my clients’ purposes isn’t that good enough.

NO! it’s not. Not for me.
What really gets me going is the epidemic plaguing our country known as obesity. That’s what gets my attention, that’s what gives me purpose and that’s what I want to do. I want to help people to deal with stress better so they can put the comfort food down, stop the dashboard dining and resist the onslaught of high caloric advertising that envelops us on a daily basis. Man, that is a purpose driven life!

So how do I do it? Well, I know where to go to get the latest and best research on the subject. That research tells me what business models succeed or not and there are literally hundreds of models. I have passed through them and have been impressed with some but not with most and I still see the majority of society in need of an answer.

The answer lies in a coordinated effort across multiple platforms to help us all deal with this plague in an honest and truly effective way. Yes, there are some of us because of hormonal or other hereditary reasons that can’t lose weight and I understand that and accept it. No, I’m talking about the millions of us that through active weight gain begin to walk down the path to diabetes, heart disease, clogged arteries etc. Many researchers have even concluded that obesity may also be the incubator of many cancers.

We use technology daily for many of our life activities just look at all of the apps on your phone. It’s time to develop an app that can point us all in several yet personal directions to help us all Beat Obesity!!!

We have the technology. We just need the road map to show us the way that will give us the personal Will to make this part of our everyday life so we can extend that life!!!

Looking forward to all of your comments and suggestions on this purposeful mission.

And remember, “It’s all about Intake”.