Leaders in Legacy Transitions

You’ve made it to the top. People respect and admire your input. They value your knowledge, skills and experience. You are essential to the organization. But you have this nagging feeling… something tugging at your success… Raining on your parade! Making you think what’s next! Are others thinking the same? Do they covet what I have and if so, for how much longer? Or are they ready to put me out to pasture? Do I continue to outlast them? Do I risk retirement or opt to die at my Desk?

Does this sound like you? If so, consider yourself in good company and one of the many Baby Boomers in mental transition!!

You are the Chief Human Resources Officer of a major Corporation with the uncomfortable task of sitting with a “C Level” peer and telling them it’s time to go. It’s time, for them, to surrender their “knowledge “to the next generation. It’s time to transition their duties to others until we say it’s time to go.

You, my friend, are a CHRO in transition hell seeking a strategy that is acceptable to your “C Level” charge.

You are the brains behind your family business! Started it out of your basement and now it fuels your extended family! You are tired, board and wishing to do other things like that bucket list you keep adding to!! But you must put that out of your mind. You must continue to lead this family business because you have a sense of duty, a sense of responsibility and a sense of family loyalty.

Does this ring a bell? You’re a patriarch looking for a way out to a new life but you fear if you transition the family will fall apart!

All of these scenarios are very indicative of the state of retirement in the corporate world. They all surround one basic premise. Transitions are tough and we all need guidance, input and surety when we approach a life changing transition because it effects much more than yourself it effects your entire universe.