Ep. 3 – My Transition: From the Corner Office to the Home Office

Today, I want to share the story of my transition from my corporate life into my next life.

Because I know that a lot of fellow Boomers are getting ready to transition or have recently transitioned out of organizations that they’ve been in for, in many cases, 40+ years. That’s a big change for your lifestyle and a big change for the organization – and it can be a positive change for both of you, too, if you prepare ahead of time.

But it is also likely going to be a more difficult transition for you than them. Our ego likes to tell us, “How could the company ever get by without me?!” But the reality is, we’re usually concerned about how we’re going to get along without being in the role we’ve gotten so comfortable with.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The problem with the prevailing mindset in corporate America: “I need to focus on today so that there is a tomorrow!”
  • How my CEO nudged me to think about how, not when, I was going to transition
  • What I learned from my transition
  • What my biggest fears were when I was planning to retire
  • How to avoid the personal identity trap
  • Why you have to plan for the unforeseen and how to do so