Problems Faced by New Retirees

Many people facing retirement come across certain challenges that they are often not prepared to take on. Of course, there is a feeling of joy and complete relaxation – freedom from Monday blues for instance. But, in several cases, this feeling of joy is clearly misunderstood as a feeling of purpose and fulfillment.

Once the initial euphoria of freedom wears out, feeling of anxiety and even depression starts to set in. Many new retirees face issues in adjusting to this new environment which is usually filled with boredom and loneliness.

Although the common remedy which most people think will work is – filling up on new hobbies and pleasures, but there again the problem concerning lack of direction and purpose surfaces.

Feeling of Fulfillment

Many people try to stay busy in retirement with hobbies, grandkids, recreational activities, etc. but even though they are busy and apparently experiencing the pleasures of life; they are frequently stricken with a feeling of emptiness and lack of purpose.

During their working years, they used to have a purpose, a task list for every day, they were someone important in an organization and had a great position at work, but it’s no longer there! All these feelings set a base for frustration to creep in.

Inadequate Income

With an increase in global life expectancy, there are more people living up to 20 years after retirement. Many professionals are rather ill-prepared for this transition as they get caught in between retirement financial security and increasing individual responsibility. Many of them are responsible for their own retirement preparedness and need to save a major chunk of their retirement income to live a somewhat comfortable life.

Lack of Familial Support

The present crop of retirees is relatively less likely to have family support during the time of retirement. With the dominance of nuclear families and single earning capacity, the rising cost of childcare and healthcare paints a complex picture of financial support for retirees. This often leads to a majority of retirees living alone which makes them susceptible to depression, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Families have to struggle with the physical burden, emotional stress and astronomical costs of taking care of the elderly which doesn’t make things any easier.


Seeking and finding fulfillment in your retirement years is a worthy goal. Being adequately prepared towards it will give you a happier life and many reasons to smile! With the assistance of a retirement coach, you can prepare well in advance for your retirement and enjoy not just financial security but also mental peace and have a sense of purpose. If you want professional help regarding preparing for your retirement, contact Legacy Transitions.