Should we retire at the same time?

That really depends on a myriad of factors that is hard to answer in a simple sentence. It really depends on the age of the two individuals. How close you both are to qualifying for Medicare and Social Security. How well you have planned for your retirement years in terms of funds, location, your joint physical health and most importantly that both of you have talked through what the two of you will do with your time together or apart. Do you really like spending time together or does separation make the heart grow fonder?
You see retirement isn’t some magic spell that comes over you and all the pain points of your relationship do not instantly dissolve. No far from it. If work for both was a great and useful distraction keep it up. See if you can consult for your old company. If you really don’t want to work how about volunteering at your grandson’s school. Or becoming a crossing guard while schools in session. Or maybe you go back to school to become that something special that you always dreamed of. We are not saying that you should hide from your spouse but be realistic if you both need another life away from one another during the day don’t feel bad or guilty about it embrace it and listen to your inner voice of wisdom.
Whatever way the two of you decide to reconstruct your lives for your next great adventure listen to your inner voice of experience and set up that new life with the wisdom that the before life has given you – the rules, the boundaries and the flexibility to let each of you be you.
Finally seek out a third party, like a Retirement Coach, to help facilitate your spousal discussions so that the both of you are open and honest with each other about your wants, needs and desires. Once you go down that path new opportunities you never imagined open up and as long as you are 100% honest with one another your Coach will get you to the starting line of that new life you’ll live for the next thirty or so years. Good Luck!!!