Why is it taking so long to shift into retirement?

Why? Because you were too smart and did not need someone, like a Retirement Coach, to help you plan out your new life. Oh no, asking for help is weakness. You saved some money. Things will just instantly fall into place. All those retirement ads make it look so nice.  I’ll hang out with my friends and bounce some ideas off them on what I should do. If it were only that easy. The road to a successful retirement is paved with the hard work of accepting the fact that your work identity is over and you must create a new identity that you feel confident, comfortable and excited about.
This identity has many factors that will influence it like what you really want to do because you want to. Your financial situation. Your familial situation. Your circle of friends whether new or former. And so on. As you can see there are many aspects to consider and this new persona does not happen overnight. In fact it may take many months, if not a few years, to truly manifest itself. The big thing is you accepting the fact that change must happen so you don’t get caught up in a Bill Murray Groundhog Day.
This is the time of your life that you really have the chance to make it all about Legacy! So what is your legacy? Come on annunciate it for me! In my line of work, Retirement Coaching, this is the first question I ask and few can answer it. become a sole survivor practiconer. You did not plan nor want this to happen but it has. So be good to yourself. Adjust your plan with a shift towards you reaching out to those family and friends that are scared. Reassure them that life does go on and you would prefer that it goes on with you and them together. Turn sadness into solidarity!
Why is it taking so long to shift into retirement?
Being able to define your legacy is really the first step in defining what your new identity will be. You have the freedom now so take advantage of it and take the time to identify and shape it. By doing that what you will find is what you want your new life’s purpose to be.
It may drive you to seek out a board position on that special not for profit that can use the wisdom of your business years and your financial support of their mission that parallels your legacy. You see that some Legacies are already formed and we just have to be astute enough to align with them for us to realize our legacy too.
Other Legacies though come from an individual having the vision, wisdom financial acumen and time to develop it. This can also be rewarding and defining. It takes more time and work but for some this is the more rewarding path. Don’t discount this path because of its immensity. Embrace it if it is the vehicle that really brings you your manifest legacy.

In the end the level of choice you make to realize your Legacy is not important. What is important is that your new path provide you with that special identity that defines your purpose. Once that is realized your Legacy appears, blossoms and takes its place aside you.